My name is Nataliia Grigoreva and I am an artist living in Bothell, WA in the United States. I grew up in central part of Russia, in a small town Orel on the Oka river banks. I was one of the 5 kids in the family, right in the middle. I always was passionate about all kinds of art and crafts, especially about drawing, since it was the only one kind of art available to the child during that period of time. I started from coloring pages, which I was coping and enlarging from cartoons and comics. Also, I loved drawing household items late at nights with my graphite pencil. Later I found a craft club for kids where we were making beautiful pictures using wheat straw and glue. It was a blast! But I always had a fear to create my own characters and pictures. Thought I wasn’t good enough, I have no imagination, was too shy to show something different. Only later, when we moved to the US with my husband and kids, I found a hobby which I was only dreaming of. I started to create my own creatures from polymer clay. And a whole new period of my life started, I created my first Instagram account NGKawaiiCrafts dedicated to my polymer clay art.

I found out, that I really enjoy making new and colorful world, and my passion to draw returned as well! For now, my favorite drawing materials are watercolors, colored pencils and a cold pressed paper with different textures. Even in digital drawings I’m trying to imitate those, and I’m very happy the today’s technology makes it so much easier and convenient. Most of my recent digital work is done with the iPad Pro in the Procreate app. You can find behind the scenes work along with some sketches on my art Instagram account kawanaru. Now I want to try every media in this world producing colors and shapes! In 2021 I started to dig into the art of glass! Melting and forming liquid glass is very calming and meditating process. And so new kind of art pieces started to emerge such as glass miniature sculptures, glass beads and bracelets, as well as my own glass eyes of different designs for art dolls and sculptures I create in mixed media technique. The very special part of my life is taken by birds, my cute companion is a sun conure Chibi. The most colorful bird in the world! And, of course, birds are always present in my art!

It is a pleasure of its own to work with customers making real their fantasy creatures. It can be a drawing, a sculpture, an art doll, a bracelet or even something new! Just reach out to me via any social media or you may always contact me at as well.